Can you believe December is already here? It seems like Thanksgiving flew by and now there’s just three more shopping weeks til Christmas. This year I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite online finds (which makes shopping that much easier), for all your foodie friends. So, here it is – My Holiday Gift Guide 2016! It contains a variety of price points and culinary gifts. Enjoy browsing, there are quite a few!


  • Stainless Steel Herb Scissors – Anyone who knows me, knows I love herbs.  I grow them outdoors all summer long, as I love the flavor fresh herbs can add to any dish. These scissors take some of the mincing and chopping skills out of the equation as the five blades equal ten knife chops. Ingenious!  SHOP HERE


  • The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook – I found this book while browsing Amazon and thought it would be perfect for the artistically inclined and wordsmith chefs on your holiday gift list. A collection of stories, quirky artwork and recipes from 76 chefs, the description says the stories are both comedic and heart-wrenching. How holiday appropriate ;)  SHOP HERE


  • Spiralizer – If you aren’t spiraling zucchinis into noodles and potatoes into perfectly fun ribbon fries, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. SHOP HERE


  • Adopt an Olive Tree – I absolutely love, love, love this idea. I’ve seen this for a couple years now and still haven’t bit the bullet, but what a wonderful idea. This gift allows you to adopt an olive tree in the region of your choice (saving groves from destructive modern farming and preserving ancient techniques). In April, three small-batch olive oils from YOUR tree will be shipped to your door! It’s a bit more pricey, but perfect for someone who literally has everything. SHOP HERE


  • Wood Carved Tablet Stand – For all the times your tablet just wanted a proper place to sit. This beautiful stand is perfect for reading and preparing recipes during the holiday season. SHOP HERE



  • Cast Iron Skillet Pan – One of my all-time favorite kitchen essentials, a good quality cast iron pan is the perfect gift for any chef. There’s a reason these pans have been around for over 100 years. They’re super durable and can be used on a campfire, on top of the stove or in an oven. They impart wonderful sears and are great for slow cooking as well. Savory or sweet dishes, cast iron has you covered. Basically one of the best investments you’ll make to your culinary arsenal. The addition of the removable handle guard is a win too (I hate to admit, but I have burned myself a couple times pulling mine out of the oven!) SHOP HERE


  • Lip Balm Cocktail Trio – OK, so this isn’t food, BUT it’s fun! Scented like your favorite Old Fashioned, Negroni and Tiki cocktails, these all natural and organic lip balms would make fun holiday stocking stuffers. I was also intrigued by pretty much everything else on their shop page, check it out! SHOP HERE
  • Pure Maple Syrup and Pure Maple Sugar – First, the bottle. Beautiful! I love the simple design and etched maple leaf. Certified organic, and produced and bottled in Vermont, this syrup is labeled Grade A: Amber Color with a Rich Taste. Sounds delicious and perfect for that stack of Christmas morning pancakes. Pure Maple Sugar is also one of my newfound loves. My parents brought me back a container from Maine this summer and it’s heaven. My favorite way to use it is to coat sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt (a decent amount), maple sugar and cinnamon. Roasted at high heat it becomes the perfect salty, sweet side dish. SHOP SYRUP  SHOP SUGAR


  • Edible Paradise Coloring Book – For those into the adult coloring books (and who doesn’t these days?), this book is so fun. Gift along with some quality colored pencils and encourage the recipient to get creative, cut out the finished colored pages, frame and hang in their kitchen! SHOP HERE


  • Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Board – I LOVE a good wooden cutting board. There is something very organic and natural about them. This one would be wonderful for displaying and serving cheeses and charcuteries during the holidays. The wonderful wood grains add the perfect rustic element to these boards. SHOP HERE


  • Mazama Wares Pint Glass in Smoke – For the beer connoisseurs on your list, these pint glasses are beautifully designed and fit perfectly in your hand. The smoke color adds a masculine touch. SHOP HERE


  • Bubbles and Rose Wine Club – For those who love the lighter side of wine drinking, the Bubbles and Rose Wine Club is the perfect gift. A Rose and Bubbly libation delivered to your door every month for only $40. Sign me up! And while you’re at it, sign up all your favorite winos too! SHOP HERE


  • Don Ciccio & Figli Fennel Liqueur – It’s a tradition in Italy after a large meal to wash everything down with an after dinner drink. Infused with hand-picked wild fennel, fennel seed, anise seeds and dill, this liqueur sounds like the perfect complement to a heavy meal. Made in Washington, DC it’s a gift straight from the nation’s capitol! SHOP HERE


  • Hey Boo Coconut Jam – Anything with the words coconut and jam in it are a winner in my book. This jam, described as “traditionally slow cooking to perfection creamy coconut milk, egg yolks, and sugar, into a mixture that is mouth watering and spreadable in consistency” is literally my jam. Pardon the bad joke. But seriously, this sounds amazing spread on toast. SHOP HERE


  • Swell Water Bottle – Water is the essence of life right? Make sure you’re getting your fill with a water bottle from Swell. Keeping your drinks cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours, it’s worth the $35 investment. Available in lots of different colors for everyone on your list.  SHOP HERE


  • Seasonal Wreath Subscription – This is one of the pricier gifts on the list, but such a wonderful sentiment for those who love to cook and decorate. Ring in the spring, summer, winter and fall with a specially designed seasonal wreath gift subscription. What a great way to bring the fragrant and fresh smells of each season to that special person on your list, in a unique and beautiful way. SHOP HERE


  • Diptyque Coriander Candle – Candles can be tricky in the kitchen as you don’t want to mask or overpower the smell of your food cooking. I do love to cook with a candle however, especially in the winter. This one sounds delicious with an herby freshness from the coriander accented with pepper and black currant. SHOP HERE

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 10.26.42 AM.png

  • Honey Flute Gift Set from Savannah Bee Company – What a beautiful way to gift someone with a little sweetness this holiday season. Based in Savannah, GA, Savannah Bee Company makes wonderful honeys with many unique flavors. This gift box contains one each of Acacia Honey, Rosemary Honey, and Lavender Honey. SHOP HERE


  • The Pastapedia from Eataly – In Italy, there are so many different types of pasta, you really do need an encyclopedia, hence this “Pastapedia” from Eataly. This basket contains Spaghettini, Linguine, Penne Rigate, Fusilli, Pappardelle, Matt Spaghettone, Toasted Fregola, Lasagne Gialle, Whole Wheat Fusilli, Malloreddus Medi, Orecchiette Pasta, Trofie Pasta, Taliatelle Otto File, Fettucine, Linguine with Red Chili and a signature Eataly gift box. For all the pasta lovers on your list. SHOP HERE


  • Sweet Salutation Coffee Mug – For those needing a positive greeting with their morning cup of coffee, these fun and colorful travel mugs are spot on. SHOP HERE


  • 5-Piece Mezcal Set – The holidays are a great time to break out the Tequila! This 5-piece set, handcrafted by a studio of 19 glass blowers is truly a work of art. Consisting of four glasses and a beautiful bottle. SHOP HERE

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 7.09.46 PM.png


  • Tagine – There is something so beautiful about the simplicity of a Tagine. These vessels are often used in Moroccan cuisine for slow cooking stews, proteins and vegetables. The shape allows moisture to drip down basting the food with amazing flavor when cooking. What a fun way to spice up an ordinary meal. SHOP HERE


  • White Marble Monogram Board – Add a little personalization with this white marble  board with inlayed copper letter. A wonderful display piece for all your holiday spreads, dips, cheeses and charcuteries. SHOP HERE


  • Metallic Crochet Edge Napkin – These delicately adorned linen napkins would make the perfect addition to any holiday tablescape. The little bit of gold on the edges adds just the right amount of glam for any holiday shin dig. SHOP HERE

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 10.44.32 AM.png

  • Coffee Mint Soap – Sounds good enough to eat doesn’t it? The perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer. Every chef needs a good soap and the combination of mint and coffee is sure to banish any lingering aromas. The pretty packaging means all you have to do is tie it up with a ribbon! SHOP HERE

Whew! That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this holiday guide and were able to get some inspiration…maybe you’re even shopping right now! Don’t forget to take some time among the holiday madness to take a break for yourself too. You deserve it as well. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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  1. Awesome holiday ideas, Kristin! I have a spiralizer and use it at least once a week. The cookbook, Insprialized is a great gift to go with it.
    Also, all of your recipes sound sooo good! I made the avocado and egg salad last week and loved it!


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