Ummm so yeah, I’m basically trying to clean out my fridge. Hence the recipes using a few similar ingredients these past few posts. But hey, use it or lose it and I’d rather food not spoil if I can help it. I noticed I had two avocados sitting in the SUN and realized if I didn’t start using them up soon they were going to go bad. I also had three eggs in the fridge. Next logical step? Combine the two and make avocado egg salad. With the additional ingredients, this made enough for two servings. You can always double for more!


• 3 eggs
• One and a half avocado, pitted and chopped in squares
• One baby Persian cucumber, sliced in half, seeds removed
• 1/4 small red onion, diced
• 1 tablespoon dijon mustard
• Mayonnaise (however much you like for your egg salad)
• Salt and pepper
• Squeeze fresh lemon juice

This recipe is so easy it’s kinda crazy. Boil eggs while assembling ingredients.

Chop one and a half ripe avocado into squares. Slice baby Persian cucumber in half, remove any seeds and chop into bite size pieces. Dice red onion. Add cucumber, avocado and red onion to bowl. Hit it with a splash of fresh lemon juice and give everything a light stir. Add in dijon mustard (I like the kind with the big mustard seeds) and stir again.

Once eggs are cooked and cooled, dice into bite size pieces. Toss eggs into bowl, add desired mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper.


Told you it was easy. I loved this healthy twist on the traditional egg salad. The crunch of the cucumber gives it a bite and the creamy avocado worked perfectly with the egg. At times I didn’t know whether I was eating an egg or avocado with each bite! Either way, it was delicious. Feel free to serve on bread (partial to Pumpernickel with egg salad) or lettuce cups. Perfect for lunch, perfect for picnics . . . basically just perfect. Enjoy!

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